Extensive knowledge of the consumer is very critical for companies and businesses and standard qualitative methods is not able to deliver the level of deep insights into the consumer behavior to gauze the response, automotive consumer workshop is a very critical tool to get the deep insights into consumer minds. Automotive consumer workshops with hybrid methodology of Qualitative research, ethnographic research and tag along research and very innovative in delivering the much needed insights. Automotive consumer workshop is critical in relationship with consumers treated as partners in innovation process and also help clients in involving in more stages of the research work and better usage of findings.

Asplor Research provides deeper consumer insights analysis, innovative storytelling, emotional research, ethnographic research, segmentation and social media involvement make automotive workshop and hady tool to carry the research in automotive industry, our workshops are especially designed for automotive market research, product development and testing for the brands to reach consumer in innovative ways and keep them engage.

We provide creative and analytical research approaches required for Consumer Workshops market research, we offer customized research solution for businesses to deal with the competitive environment and provide much needed data and reports for accurate business decision. We provide Consumer Workshops market Research service for the brands to its all lifecycle.

Our automotive market research category types are as follows:

  • Car sales
  • Motorcycles and scooters
  • Used car market
  • In-car entertainment
  • Product testing
  • Customer Research
  • Customer demography
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Automotive accessories
  • In-store Research
  • Market share, size & Segmentation
  • Consumer Voice

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