banner1Product testing is a process of testing the product beforehand to check its compatibility and usability across the consumer groups who are actually going to use the product. The opinions of users is very important for any product to success and its give a better understanding to the creator as an how consumer are reacting towards the product.

Product testing is key process while developing a product and the process for product testing is depends on the objective, various combination of testing can be applied to a particular test depends upon the study objective, test requirements and usability issues to address. Asplor research is a pioneer organization in organizing and conducting a product testing and we recommends a combination of approaches towards the goal for product testing.

Purposes for product testing:

Product Improvement/New product testing: it’s typically used and required to test the product available in the market or to test the new product for the market. Improvement test is required in conjugation with consumer needs and which are looking for an improvement in the product or a new product testing to check consumer acceptance.

Process Testing: A new process for the existing product by the manufacturer which introduce a new process of manufacturing to reduce cost or any other factor, in this the impact of a new process is tested to check the impact on the product and customer perception and acceptance of the product.

Advertising Claims: If a claim is proposed by the manufacturer and to check the same for comparative claim a comparative product test is proposed.

Competitive Intelligence: A new launched or to be launch product possess a threat to an existing product then the existing product is tested against the new product to counteract the competitive launch.

Product test types:

There are many different types and process for testing a product which are used sometime alone or in combination to get the significant results by testing a product with a consumer.

Concept test: these type of tests are carried out for checking the concept it can be visual or message type of tests in which different product concept is tested for customer acceptance, these can be used in any industry types.

Sight: Used for testing the visual element testing of the product as how and what impact it is showing over the consumer group.

Handling: Handling of the product is tested along with the consumers and how they are felling and handling the product.

Usability test: The consumer test the actual product which can be a sample or placebo of the actual product and the product is tested in natural enviourment of use along with the consumers.

Taste test: these tests are carried out among the food or beverage category of product in which the product is tested for its taste or concept taste.

Research methods:

There are different research methods to carry out testing which is basically based on the type of product to be tested and other variables in consideration. Two most important approaches towards the product test is Monadic test and paired product testing.

Monadic: Consumer use p rest the concept through sight or handling and then rate the product. The test is carried out to test the real life situation of the testing and consumer use the product in real like situation. Usually one product is tested at a time and rate it.

Sequential Monadic: In this type of test consumer use or test a product then rate it and sequentially use the next product and test it. The product are not compared to each other rather than customers rate it according to their usage.

Paired Comparisons: In this two or more product is tested sequentially to each other and then customers reviews, rating and preference is noted along with the product usage. In this the products are directly compared to each other’s.

This testing method indicates the difference among the products more strongly but as in it works along the comparison process. Paired comparison testing clearly signifies the choice of customers along the tested products.

Testing Variables:

Testing variables can be included into test for testing or combining the product and performance markers and market estimations for product performance.

Blind test: The product tested are unbranded and customer test the product quality. It is very good test for advertising claims and establishing competitive advantage or disadvantage of the products.

Branded Tests: In this branded product is tested which reflects the real world experience of the customers. These test include the brand value into the customer assessments.

Positioning Tests: The consumers is exposed to positioning statements or the product and statements and other factors are tested along the consumers for accurate description of products. It also provide a detailed reaction to claims by the manufacturers and impact on consumers.

Product testing field work options:

Mail out testing: Product is mailed to a consumer along with testing instructions and response questionnaire for the product. The product is tested in the consumer home and reviews are collected by the response questionnaire. In this process there is less control over the usage circumstances of the product as it is governed by consumer’s usage pattern. Collection of response is carried out via telephone or mailing back.

Home testing: The product is placed at the consumer homes by research team and instructions are explained to the consumer for testing the product. The response can be gathered after the completion of testing phase through site visit, online or telephonically.

Central Location product test: The customers are invited to a central location to undertake the test which can be research offices, shopping centers or place find suited for test. The process allow a strict control over the testing procedure and response can be collected immediately. The process lack the real life situation in the test but can be utilized for concept products and allow greater security and control over products.

Online testing: In these types a concept is viewed by the respondent over the online platform and concept is tested along the consumers. The process allow the real time sampling, testing and data collection for the products. The test is utterly useful for concept products, packaging and positioning testing’s.

Sampling for product testing:

The most important factor in any product test is the sample selection as it should be representative of the consumer group and market.

Targeted sample: The targeted samples of consumers are those which are continuous user of the product and can notice any slight change along the product. For the marketing perspective these customers are “must retain” consumer which reflect the actual and engaged user for the product.

General samples: These are typically used for new product or concept or for competitive intelligence to ascertain the customer overall uptake for product.

Panels: The research company database of the people who are in the panel of product testing panels who agreed to take part in research. These are the quick testing techniques to gather results very fast.

Panels can be online also used for online product testing purpose for concept or new product testing.

Shopping Centers: Customers are approached at shopping Centre or mall location to test the product live, it is quick and effective way to find the consumer and unbiased sample.

Random: Random sampling is carried out to recruit the sample randomly by telephone, door to door or street intercept, it is particularly of importance in population projections is required. The method is very accurate.

Key Measures:

The testing questionnaire or response sheet vary considerably depending on the test objective and budget along with the method in line.

Preference, rating and Ranking:

Preference: It can be random or forced preference for the product, it works on defining and emphasizing the difference between two or more product and very useful in product testing and competitive intelligence. Reasons and others factors can also be taken into consideration.

Rating: Rating can be concluded among consumer in o to 10 scales, in this each product is rated individually and it provide a numeric representation of the brand and attributes among consumers.

Ranking: In this each product is ranked by the customers among other products it is particularly useful in sorting out a number of attributes and products.

Price: The tentative pricing can also be tested in as what price consumer is willing to pay for the product, the approach differ along with the type of product.

Asplor Research Approach:

Asplor research carryout the product testing well defined manner and with client requirement with the objective for the product testing plays a key role in defining the process, type and method to be employed. Asplor research have all in-house capability to carry out the required product testing physically as well as in online mode also.

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