Pre launch Branding research - Asplor Research

Pre launch Branding research can become the backbone of any product or brand and provide it much needed information and data to businesses create and cultivate an in demand product which fulfill everyday changing need of a consumer.
Asplor Research uses highly specialized Quantitative and Qualitative techniques during the Pre launch branding research like focus groups and other methodologies to define the brand position and other details which in turn help brands to better position themselves in market.

Basic Pre launch Branding research comprise of brand name research, naming is a very critical and important step in development of successful new product, brand or service development and launch, name should provide immediate recognition of the brand and also provide the individuality of the brands. The naming is also important part when businesses are considering expansion of their product lines. For the start on naming initial start will be the name suggestion from business branding team and after that a market research agency can be used to assess the names with research with potential customers and assess their attitude towards name. Our research team is comprised of people well versed in all the market research methodologies and we used most advance tools and techniques to gather responses, analyse the collected data, bench mark studies and reporting it to the clients.

Our Pre launch branding research services will provide you most appropriate and actionable research methodologies; we provide much needed services for brands like:

  • Naming
  • For global products name assessment in other languages
  • Words, color and graphics research
  • Brand perception
  • Word clouds
  • Brand Mapping

Asplor Research have a vast experience in Pre launch branding research, we provide full range of services in branding research and solutions to our clients.

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