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Product testing is a very critical stage for any business, moving a product through concept phase is very complex and lengthy process and with ever competitive market maintaining a product individuality is very crucial, for any business to launch a new product should go through crucial comprehensive and insightful product testing with targeted customers and other stake holders. Every business require a thorough research to build strong products and customers’ acceptance and to develop effective marketing strategy well before product launch.

Asplor Research provides unique and innovative approach for product testing and to create and provide a good customer analysis and need assessment. Our customer centric approach and innovative approach for product and concept testing provide much needed focus on identifying customer’s attitudes and emotional behavior towards product. we provide mixed approach of product testing approach with employing both quantitative research methodology and qualitative research methodology and provide insightful and actionable data to our clients that assist them is creating the best marketing approach for the products in market.

The deep industry knowledge we have helps our clients and businesses to recognize and implement ground breaking ideas, deep understanding into consumers, unmet need analysis and optimization of new product through our product testing offerings will enable companies and businesses to target domestic and international market and gauze and analyze right marketing path, our product testing team will clearly assist you in your new product development and provide an competitive edge among competition.

Our Product testing services will provide you most appropriate and actionable research reports; we provide much needed product research services and some of key takeaways and offerings are mentioned below:

  • Product competition analysis
  • Prioritize and identify customer unmet needs and requirements
  • Usability testing
  • Competitor product bench marking
  • Customer attitude and behavior research
  • Shelf life studies
  • Product optimization services

Asplor Research have a vast experience in Product testing, we provide full range of services in market research solutions to our clients.

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