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Understanding the consumers is the most important decision making tool now days to make well established and informed decision, Internet penetration is increasing day by days globally and reaching a consumer is become more and more accessible in the world, we provide Online Market Research with fresh global panels across different geographies which enables our clients to research B2B and B2C respondent and consumers.

Asplor research have deep expertise in online market research and provides detailed attention to each and every project to achieve quality feedback, we follow very strict guidelines in online surveys to get the best suitable respondent and response from survey. Our team is helping clients at each stage and prepare a plan for member engagement and data collection. Our team provides the most appropriate sampling for every single project, each criteria and quota is strictly followed for every project.

We believe in quality of sampling and keep it in forefront of each research engagement and for success of the project, Our panel resource and respondents are carefully scrutinized and we use following methods to ensure quality:

  • Panel representation of population
  • Demographic and geo location data collection
  • High quality recruitment for panel respondent.
  • Active panel management
  • Quality control procedures to ensure quality
  • Online and offline data checks for high quality data

Asplor Research have a vast experience in conducting Online Market Research, we provide full range of services in Online Methodologies, including;

  • Online Surveys
  • Online qualitative recruitments
  • Online focus groups
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • Brand awareness and usage
  • Brand tracking
  • Product and concept testing
  • Omnibus Surveys
  • Mobile research
  • Sampling and recruitments
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

We provide tailor-made research solutions to our clients, weather you require small research requirement or large sampling we are here to assist you.

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