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Tracking studies are very helpful in tracking and analyzing the ever changing views of different group of consumers, it is very effective tool for well-established and newly launched brands to track their growth. Tracking studies provide companies with measurement of their brand awareness, customer satisfaction, consumer attitude and approach towards company product or services, it is also helpful in measuring effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Tracking studies examines the ever changing perception of same consumer in a specified period of time, it may be latitudinal in nature which measure the awareness in single point of time or a series of latitudinal studies to measure the changes over a period of time. Tracking studies provides the much needed confidence and data to measure the changes in consumer sentiments as it uncover the changes. A well defined and executed tracking study will provided much needed depth and data for the companies to work on, by these studies a company can easily assess the acceptability and desirability of a consumer towards the product or service.

A well designed tracking study will uncover many different aspects of product or service, In tracking studies many different measurement criteria are included like:

  • Unaided and aided brand awareness
  • Advertising awareness
  • Purchase intent or consideration
  • Brands claim awareness
  • Overall attitudes about brands

Asplor Research have a vast experience in conducting tracking studies for many different companies and industries across the globe, we provide full range of services in tracking studies Methdologies, including;

  • Advertising tracking
  • Brand Perception tracking
  • New product or service tracking
  • Customer satisfaction tracking
  • Brands awareness & usage
  • Brands Image

We provide tailor-made research solutions to our clients, weather you require small tracking study or global a global research we are here to assist you.

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