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KOLs Research in healthcare market research are carried out to define the key opinion leaders in the industry, in the complex environment of healthcare research KOLs impact in influencing the behavior of healthcare professional is becoming very important, new approach, product or services continuously needs KOLs guidance to develop new strategies and make changes in healthcare solutions and diagnostics sector.
Asplor research continuously monitor and develop key opinion leaders list in the industry we continuously monitor physicians following and approach towards KOLs and how they are changing, we also monitor new approach towards healthcare industry and map the KOLs with them. We have very fresh and noble approach towards the KOLs research mapping and we keep track of new scientific journals and research reports which are leading the industry we also keep opinions of other healthcare professional whom they think are leading the industry and have really good position and HCPs are following the leader.

KOLS ( Key opinion leaders) play a very significant role in influencing the opinion of various stake holders, the impact of and reach of KOLs opinions can be directly associated for creating a right influencer pool. We provide services in KOLs identification, ranking methodology and our ability to combine traditional and social areas to benchmark the influencer across therapeutic areas and regions. We regularly keep track of latest achievement and writing of the KOLs to keep our selves updated with the industry leading knowledge and people who are turning the industry towards better future.

Asplor Research have a vast experience in KOLs Research, we provide full range of services in KOLs research Methodologies, including but not limited to;

  • KOLs identification
  • KOL profiling and ranking
  • KOLs mapping
  • KOLs impact studies
  • Insights generation
  • Strategic and research support

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