Hybrid Market Research - Asplor Research

Asplor Research carried out various types of Hybrid Market Research which employs both Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies, Hybrid Market research provide an upper hand for the clients in research work as compared to traditional Quantitative and qualitative market research. In quantitative research we are gathering data for statistical analysis but it lacks in-depth motivations behind consumer buying behavior or opinions whereas in Qualitative research in-depth motivations and opinions are gathered but it lacks statistical responses.
Asplor Research truly understand the problem and we created an innovative suite for answering complex problems lies within methodologies, we gather both statistical and behavioral insights through our Hybrid Market Research methodology. We employ this methodology coupled with various other methodologies like in Product testing, central location test and even in Focus group discussion.
Our team has well versed in Hybrid Market Research methodologies and we always work to get the deeper insights into human mind with our research tools. Our strength lies in our team of experts who truly understand the problem and work in conjugation with clients to solve all the complex problems. Our team works from inception of the project till the reporting and try to minimize all the hurdles in research work.

Testing Sessions
In this type of research we employ both the methodologies like Quantitative and Qualitative methods with sometimes also include observational research and other methodologies find fit for the research subjects, we present research topic or ideas in front of respondents and provide them with tabs or other equipment’s to provide quantitative data instantaneously and then we conduct depth interviews with respondent individually to gather qualitative responses.

Asplor research provide many different approaches to the research work which can be modified according to client or subject demands, Please feel free to contact us for more information at Info@asplor.com