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Secondary research (Desk research) is the collection, synthesizing and summarizing of data through open resources, in the process statistical, empirical and realist review techniques are used to gather and analyze the data and create secondary research report with relevant information and summary. Secondary research can be used to gather information about market trend and other research or sometimes in the preliminary stages of research to create an informed research designs to carry out the primary research with already bench-marked index for the companies.

Asplor research team of researchers comprise of analysts, data mining which are highly trained and experienced, our team is well experienced in finding the most relevant data and information from the vast sources of information. Our subscriptions and active involvement in research field make the work easier for our team in collecting, analyzing and compiling the data. Our team is very experienced in finding a needle from a grass field and prepare and present the research report in most useful, relevant and impactful way.

Asplor Research handles lots of secondary research project and our team is well capable of preparing the report for multi-country multi-domain and sectors research reports. We have created many deep understanding market research reports which help our clients in gathering the resources to take action on market trends.

Our global secondary research team will provide you most extensive and experienced tool l to carryout research globally, our offering includes:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Market trends and landscape reports
  • Strategic and statistical reports
  • Research audits
  • Social media research
  • Consumer trends

Asplor Research have a vast experience in secondary research, we provide full range of services s to our clients, weather you require a small research service or multi country report we are here to assist you.

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