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Mystery shopping is a very effective and highly specialized tool and method in understanding the consumer point of contact during sale, it is very effective to assess consumer interaction with businesses and organization. A well-defined marketing plan and well maintained store layout is not enough for a consumer and many time interaction among the sales person or employee poor attitude leads to a loss of good consumer, Mystery shopping can be used to assess and understand the knowledge of sales staff and employees, review their skills and how and what consumer feels during an interaction. It is also a very strong tool to see how complaints are handled by the team in order to solve the complaint or carrying out exchange or refund and the transaction between customer and staff.

Asplor research have well suited experience in Mystery shopping and performance monitoring, we have conducted mystery shopping and customer satisfaction for number of brands and products. We have well experienced team and support staff for face to face mystery shopping, we have also conducted mystery shopping through online or telephonic channels which is very useful for reviewing interaction of customer through these channels.

Asplor Research provides high quality mystery shopping programs around the geographies we cover, all of our mystery shoppers go through initiation and qualification process, we carry out very high quality standards and audit 100% of our shop results. We design our questionnaire and shopping plan to keep up with brands, we measure all aspects like store layout, cleanliness to major points of concern like sales force effectiveness. Our clients used our service to improve their team effectiveness and location optimization to be at par brand expectations.

Asplor Research have a vast experience in conducting mystery shopping, we provide full range of services in mystery shopping Methodologies, including;

  • Mystery shopping’s
  • Customer feedback / Exit surveys
  • Store Audits
  • Intercept Interviews
  • Store layout research
  • Brand engagement
  • Customer research
  • Internal audit (Team effectiveness Audit)
  • Mobile research
  • Franchise tracking

We provide tailor-made research solutions to our clients, weather you require small audit or large audit we are here to assist you.

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